School Communication Systems

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JMEE has partnered with Teradon Industries to bring you the latest in School Communication Systems. Teracom Intercom System uses a data infrastructure wiring topology with Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable. There is no need for a homerun to each speaker back to the head end as with traditional systems. For our system, the speakers can be wired to an IDF closet, thus saving on cabling costs. Teradon provides the PC that runs Teracom. The complete system is built and tested at the factory. It is a Windows-based system, so it utilizes what people already know.

Features include automatic daylight savings time adjustment, the ability to pre-record announcements, remote access and monitoring and the ability to make calls from a telephone or master handset. System time is also set automatically from the Internet, so there is never a synchronization issue. If there is a 2-hour weather delay in the morning, the principal can access the system from home via the Internet to change the bell schedule. No need for someone to be onsite to make that change. As a Teradon dealer, JMEE can also use remote diagnostics to assist schools if there is a problem.

Advanced features include integration with other systems such as flood sensors, fire alarms or installed camera systems. If a flood sensor is triggered in a school’s boiler room, Teracom can play a tone or recording to notify staff, as well as activate a contact closure for the pump. If a break-in triggers a motion detector camera, a prerecorded voice can notify the intruder that the police have been calle,d and the system can activate a contact closure that locks the doors or dials the police.

Our school communication systems bring flexibility and creativity to the schools, as well as create a safe environment for the kids. The applications are limitless.